Sunset Strip new construction

The Sunset Strip new construction was built in 2014. It is a modern 3 story pad with a pool on the rooftop. The foyer has a cascading waterfall and a river rock water feature. Adjoining is level is the home theater a 3 car garage and the elevator. The bedroom level has 2 guest rooms a large master with a well appointed bathroom and dressing room. The listing price is $4,399,000 and was just shown on broker preview this Tuesday.



Great Ocean View Home

This ocean view home is up Latigo Canyon 4 minutes from the beach. I looked at this home for some clients. Charles Kuiper, a local contractor, joined me. This is a diamond in the rough. I see the potential. CB listing just over 1 Million.



Zestimate Home Values

Zestimate home values are terribly unreliable on pricing home sales and home values in general. As a broker I have know this since Zillow first started showing up on the web over 6 years ago. Though this site is accessed by many buyers and sellers alike it is inaccurate in estimating home values. Buyers as well as sellers get confused. I am not surprised. Check out this recent online valuation that was generated on sold listings while I was doing an Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) with my business partner, Phillip Bailey, for a property we will be listing at the exclusive Peninsula Point area of Newport Beach. The sold Zestimates ( Z for Zillow ) are 18% to over 30% off from the actual closing price.

Zillow Valuation 11 2014

Location, interior finishes and views can not be put into a formula. It still takes a professional agent or broker to do it right! Contact me for an evaluation anytime. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

Ultimate Bluff Estate Site In Malibu


Cliffside view

This ultimate bluff estate site in Malibu is the best view I have seen in Malibu. A client had asked me to take some additional photos. It will come up for standard auction not a foreclosure action soon. Opening bid is $9.55 Million. The land is 59,563 sqft with 200 feet of bluff. The house needs to be remodeled, if not constructed new, but this view is worth the time and effort. Listed by WEA.

Malibu luxury rental the Sopranos would have loved

Just saw this Malibu luxury lease listed for $50,000 on open house. It is an Italian Villa in the Winding Way area of Malibu with over 9000 sqft of living space that the Sopranos would have chosen as their West Coast residence. Besides the 5 bedrooms and separate large guest house, it has a large wine cellar, plush movie theater, game room, 3 wet bars, huge flat lawn and multi-level outdoor entertainment areas with ocean views. This is a Sotheby listing.

John Lautner house in Malibu

This John Lautner house in Malibu was recently listed for $15 Million. It is a 3 bedroom 4 bath home of nearly 4000 square feet with a pool, tennis court and path to the beach. The setting mirrors a tropical enclave that has been landscaped to follow the natural terrain. Stepping into this home just fills you with tranquility. This is one of my favorite Malibu properties. Listed by Scott Brokers.

Probate in Santa Monica for $1.550,000

This probate listing in Santa Monica is on 22nd Street between Idaho and Washington looks like a good buy depending on what you want to do with it. Built in 1938, this one story 3 bedrooms 2 baths is on an almost 8000 sqft lot with a free standing garage. Every listing North of Wilshire has been selling very fast and usually over 2 Million. This is listed by Advantage Real Estate.This is pretty much a a tare down but I like the street because it is not a through street with traffic like 26th or 14th or 7th are.

Interested in a ocean view lot?

This ocean view double lot  in the Pacific Palisades were just listed by Edward Jesman Realty  for $499,000. It consist of 2 smaller 3750 sqft lot that are next to each other and are perched above Pacific Coast Highway very close to Sunset. It last sold in 2002. Best use is to build one larger home on it. Geology reports are on file.

Malibu beach house by Duke’s

Cute little beach house in Malibu

This  two story beach house has one bedroom on each level and is located on Las Flores Beach in Malibu. This is an original house of which there are not many left. This just came up as a new listing in the Malibu Beach area today. Priced at 1.750 Million this is a good deal ! Small but cute.

Great Deal in BH PO

Probate sale 975,000 4 bedrooms 3 baths on 1/4 of an acre.

BHPO deal

BHPO deal listed by Real Estate Consultant Group